When the student became the master

SO I thought I would never come back to the blog but it is like a sin you can’t quit.


After i decided to quit, my friend Vivek Seshadri who had provided the intellectual input into the my previous poster decided to take up the charge for doing the 2014 holi poster.  Being an awesome human being that I am, decided to take him on as my student and to teach him Photoshop (he was using gimp for some reason…oh wait linux).

[All the work presented in this posts are creations of Vivek ]

On further discussion at the forbes and morewood bus stop..the concept was born.  The concept was amazing (believe me it was amazingly visualized in my head)…..to have paint spray look like it has actually been painted on DOHERTY wall.

First challenge was to how to recreate the wall as any picture taken would have parallax effect and would multiply when scalled. Enough of build up, there is photoshop command to avoid this. we had to take measurements of  a single tile on the wall and scale it. holi-poster-v1

second was what to have as the content….just write holi nite as spray painted text or  or  or   or…….boom… paint india as paint splatter.






Conclusion of the poster saga

This is not how i wanted to finish…made a stupid mistake…typo in fact. I put Friday instead of Sunday. Decided to make an awesome exit which failed…epic fail.

Okay now about the poster..it is like when you make too many sequel of a movie it is always bad….wait i am not saying that my posters are bad. I am just inferring that the challenge has reduced and my workload has increased.

So for the final poster I wanted to use very little of photoshop and more of hands on work. Although i wanted to use very little of the photoshop…..[the process showed me how life is simpler with photoshop]….i had to post -process with it.

On deep thinking while watching “Black Friday” and after lots of research..I decided to reconstruct my old diwali poster in paper and take a photograph of the 3d model…..make that into a poster.

After lot of searching i decided to go with the image below and use it as reference…[the person named in sexy hammerslag hall]

This was  plain so i decided to add wean and the orange W structure in front of..[to be honest i am now confused with what is front and back of every building in the campus]

To make sure it will work out..tried it out a bunch of rough A4 sheets and then made the actual one with paper that could represent the building accurately as possible.

2013-09-22 01.36.28

2013-09-22 01.39.45

so about the mannequins…it is because i was lazy enough to make a people out of paper .

2013-10-06 16.24.07

now finally with the help of Vivek Seshadri.[guy who is sitting on the floor]..after a lot of experimentation with the light decided to use one pic

2013-10-07 22.08.28


Ashwati Krishnan…helped me in making the windows and fireworks although it didn’t end up in the final version..oops spoiler alert

drum roll please …..tada



Paiyan America return

The following is the ordeal that i faced in the recent trip to india.

Nov 1st (Pittsburgh): Called up the Expedia to shift my travel dates from 1st Jan to 26th Dec.

25th Dec (Pittsurgh): Packed my bags (although i had nothing but chocolates!!!believe me… it took up two large luggages ). Booked Shuttle to pick me up.

My itinerary was Pittsburgh – Dallas – Dubai – Chennai. I was to leave on 26th and reach Chennai on 27th 8PM. Only my Dad and my friends knew about this.

26th Dec 4 AM (Pittsburgh): Waiting in line to check in the bags and gets boarding pass at the Ammerican Airlines counter.

4.30AM: Lady in the mid 50ies announces Dallas airport is closed due to snow storm. I called up the to change my flight see if i could get any other flight. Lady on the other end of the phone puts me on hold to check the same.

5.30am: still on hold

5.45am: She comebacks asking if i can get to the gate in 15 minutes. (Airport was swarmed with people leaving back after christmas) so no. she couldnt get any other flight that day as the all the flights were booked cause of christmas.

6.30 pm: Next flight was on 27th. itinerary got changed. Pitt – Chicago – London – Chennai. Flight now leaves at 3.10 pm on 27th and i was to arrive in chennai on 29th 1am. informed dad, came back home and slept.

27 dec 1.30 pm(Pittsburgh): Checked my bags in ….flight not cancelled..happy…Cleared security…had lunch…Started reading Gone girl by Gillian Flynn. As excited as i was, there was a part of me that was scared and hoped i would reach chennai on time

2.30 pm : flight on time

3.pm : flight ontime

3.10 pm: flight delayed by two hours. my layover in chicago is 1.45 hours. there was no way i was going to catch chicago – london flight. Asked the people in the gate. A new lady checked up and said no other flight was possible today. So she put me on the same itinerary on the next day and told me that i would have to come in early next day so as uncheck and confirm the new flights.

4 pm : informed dad…collected my check in luggage…came back home.

7 pm: called up the call center to verify the info…She said she was having problem with the london- Chennai flight . so now she changed the itinerary again…pitt-Chi-Lon- Dubai-Chennai….Since there was around 6 hour waiting in Lon i asked if she could put me on someother flight to london so that even if the flight from pitt is delayed i would be able to catch the london bound flight. I would reach Chennai 30th 8 pm

28th 11.am (Pittsburgh): Arrived so much early so that i would be able to get all this sorted out. The same lady that announced that dallas was closed was at the ticketing counter. She wasnt first listening to me. She was first trying to cancel and book a new iterniary all together. i wouldn’t blam her she was staning there from 4am without breakfast or lunch..

1.30 pm:finally got her to listen to the itinerary that was fixed. Now she was booking the flight in an order that made no sense. She had my london-dubai flight after dubai-chennai..I went to counter got it fixed..Now my flight details was fixed…but wait more problem

2.pm (1.1 hour to flight) : checking my luggage…luggage tag was printing only till London…I have to get a transit visa for London…..get my bag…recheck it in emirates and board my flight in 2 hours if my flight is on time. She was trying to do her best to get it to chennai..she couldn’t ….

2.30 pm(40 mins to flight):.she told that then probably you can get luggage inside the terminal itself….cleared security…called emirates on the way in…..they told me not possible but I have to get the proper baggage tag other wise luggage will be stuck in London…

2.50 pm(20 mins to flight): left gate….I would have time to go get this sorted and come back and board flight…..I called up dad..said the problem on the way back to the ticketing counter and also told him that if it was problem today I am going to cancel the trip.

3.00 pm(10 mins to flight): reached the ticket counter and told a new guy to remove the checked in bags from my flight….he first ordered to get the bags and than asked my problem…intelligent guys…told him.

He fixed it…fixed it within 2 mins….told me to go to the gate and get the boarding pass for the other flights….he printed two luggage tags but it would take time for it to tag and send it back so he informed that the bags not to brought up but to be retaged again and at the gate….told me to hurry to the gate….

Looked up at my watch..3.10 …..sir but the flight is at 3.10…..he laughed and said lucky day for you….flight delayed by 10 mins…oh My god….ran…..got through security quickly cause I had already gone through security …..reached the gate just in time….they retaged my checked in luggage and then gave the boarding pass for Chicago to London…..not for the rest of the flights…

Reached London….went to emirates to get the boarding pass for the rest of the flights…..he asked if I had checked in 4 bags ….what 4? And then it struck me…..two at the ticket counter and two at the gate….ok no problems……reached Chennai…..dad was waiting at the immigration…

Funny story….I made mistake in the immigration form….so at the immigration counter…I took and new form and filled cleared checkpoint which took more time than other passengers…so my dad thought i missed the flight

My moms reaction on seeing me was worth all this trouble and sleepless flight travel….welcomed home with chicken curry and idli for breakfast and chicken Briyani for lunch
I would talk later on the time in India…

15 jan (Chennai): In all this confusion they had done something to my return flight………my Chennai to Dubai flight was missing in the itinerary ……so now I had Dubai-new York – Pitt……..how am I supposed to reach Dubai now……called American Airlines they were saying all tickets booked and confirmed…but emirates said only from Dubai is what they have…..

Nice lady from emirates helped me and got this sorted….and got to flight on time and reached Pitt.

Survived another day in sub zero temperature to write about this.


Dancing with stars

Top quotes people asked me in the last week
“Why do you look so tired?” this remains top as many people asked me this
“Is there nothing happening in your life?…I don’t see any Facebook updates” asked by my mom and a friend
“What are you doing in lab on Sunday?” This is the second most asked question but still I liked the previous question because my mom asked it
“Why are you growing a beard? Is something wrong” on me not shaving for a month….so I shaved

There are other questions asked too but these are my top favorites…



Answer to all of them you ask is the paintings above I made in my iPad….although they are childish and have have no relevance to the questions….how are they related to the answer you ask “I DON’T KNOW”
Why should everything need to have a reason? Again I DON’T KNOW

I always wanted to reply as my new favorite TV character Ron Swanson (look it up) or my old character Dr.House “because I can” or even better my all time favorite bender “bite my shiny metal A## ”

Oh and one more thing , even ICECREAM can be an answer to all the above questions. I am serious, all the above questions can be answered ICECREAM.

Yet an another poster

For the past one and half year i have been working only on posters for the same events. Although it is hard to come up with a different poster for the same thing.

Ok now about the poster,

well i know it is awesome but one sec i didnt draw the buildings… i wish i did but it was my lab-mate who drew it…. i had to scan it and work on it …poster is going to be awesome

Updated:poster is awesome